Sunset Pavillion

Architect: Tomecek Studio Architecture

Location: Firestone, Colorado

Category: Up to $150,000 in construction costs (category one)

This pavilion celebrates the simplicity of construction of natural materials while providing framing panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains.

Standing atop and overlooking the park entry—framing panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains—the Sunset Pavilion marks the intersection of multiple paths along a regional trail system. Along with eight additional structures, the pavilion celebrates the simplicity of construction of natural materials.

The dramatic prefabricated steel structure cantilevers from grade, shielding visitors from the harsh Colorado sun. Acting as a lens, the pavilion's details emphasize the phenomenal qualities of the sun's path. Perforations along the overhead plane track the sun's movement during the autumnal and vernal equinox.

The steel plate and gabion walls below frame the distant view of the mountains while editing out the roadway and development in the foreground. The fluid shape of the concrete bench within invites visitors to sit, climb, recline, and view the landscape, allowing the pavilion to reference the emotional landscape present while placing it within the larger geographic context.

Additional information

Structural engineer: Studio 818 Engineering INC,

Lighting: Lacroux Streeb

Steel fabrication: MK Fabrication

Concrete bench: Colorado Hardscapes

Landscape architect: Design Workshop


Jean Dufresne, AIA (Chair), Space Architects + Planners, Chicago

Richard Fernau, FAIA, Fernau + Hartman Architects, Berkeley, California

Joyce Hwang, AIA, Ants of the Prairie, Buffalo, New York

Jack Travis, FAIA, Jack Travis FAIA Architect, Bronx, New York

Kulapat Yantrasast, wHY Los Angeles, Culver City, California

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8- Sunset VG Sub-sm

Tomecek Studio Architecture

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Tomecek Studio Architecture

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Tomecek Studio Architecture


Tomecek Studio Architecture


Tomecek Studio Architecture


Tomecek Studio Architecture


Tomecek Studio Architecture