Architect: Bates Masi + Architects

Location: Matinecock, New York

Category: One- and Two-family Custom Residences (category one)    

This house is a group of modest inward focused gabled structures inspired by Quaker values of simplicity, humility, and inner focus.  


Inspired by the history of the location, an early Quaker settlement, the design of this family home is based on the tenets of simplicity, humility, and inner focus. The house is broken into a series of modest gabled structures, each focused inward on its own garden courtyard instead of out to the surrounding neighbors. Every interior space is connected to the exterior on two sides. From selected vantage points, one may see across multiple spaces and courtyards to framed views beyond. Each volume has a sculpted roof that funnels light and air into the center of the structure. The detailing of materials articulates this organization. Oak floor and ceiling boards radiate outwards from each center courtyard. Metal straps on the ceiling further emphasize this geometry and act as a device to organize lighting and audiovisual equipment throughout the house. The Quaker values of simplicity and craft tie the new home to the community.

" A warm, welcoming modern design with great use of wood and iron in ceilings. The roof and ceiling articulation is outstanding" ~ Jury comment

Additional information

Engineer - structural: Steve Maresca  

General contractor: Qualico Contracting

Landscape architect: TL Studio


Victor A. Mirontschuk, FAIA (Chair), EDI International, PC, New York City

Katie Gerfen, ARCHITECT, Washington, DC

Luis Jauregui, FAIA, Jauregui Architecture Interiors Construction, Austin, Texas

Adrianne Steichen, AIA, Pyatok Architects, Oakland, California

John Thatch, AIA, Dahlin Group Architecture Planning, Pleasanton, California  

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