Eastside Health Clinic

Architect: Ankrom Moisan Architects

Owner: Central City Concern

Location: Portland, Oregon

Category D: Unbuilt: must be commissioned for compensation by a client with the authority and intention to build


Eastside Health Center is a six-story building with a healthcare facility, retail, 34 transitional housing studios, 10 palliative care rooms, 118 SROs, and 12 respite care beds. Central City Concern will provide comprehensive case management and clinical services to support stabilization for rebuilding lives. Our concept explores the importance of ‘feeling at home’ and creating a sense of comfort, community, uplift and safety. The building was envisioned as a home for health and recovery, utilizing the referential gable that symbolizes the essence of home that happens to have a clinic.

"The scale of the building is human providing spaces that emphasize recovery over warehousing." ~ Jury statement

Additional information

Civil Engineer: HHPR Consulting Engineers

Structural Engineer: Miller Consulting Engineers

Mechanical Engineer: Glumac

Plumbing: Glumac

Electrical: Glumac

Energy Modeling: Glumac

Lighting Design: Glumac

Landscape Architect: Shapiro Didway Landscape Architects

Construction cost or anticipated construction cost: $52 million

Building area or anticipated building area: 110,000 sq. ft.

Construction start date: February 2018

Substantial completion date or anticipated substantial completion date: November 2018


David King, FAIA (Chair), SmithGroup JJR, Los Angeles

Tom Clark, FAIA, Clark/Kjos Architects, Portland, Oregon

Lari Diaz, AIA, KMD Architects, San Francisco

Walter Jones, AIA, The MetroHealth System, Cleveland

Patricia Malick, ARRAY Architects, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Paul Mankins, FAIA, substancearchitecture, Des Moines

David Ruthven, AIA, Philips Design, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Eastside Health Clinic

Ankrom Moisan Architects

Eastside Health Clinic interior

Ankrom Moisan Architects

Eastside Health Clinic interior stairway

Ankrom Moisan Architects

Eastside Health Clinic outside signage

Ankrom Moisan Architects

Eastside Health Clinic resting area

Ankrom Moisan Architects

Eastside Health Clinic exterior

Ankrom Moisan Architects