Campus Kilpatrick

Architect: DLR Group

Location: Malibu, CA

Awarded a publish

The Campus Kilpatrick replacement facility creates a non-institutional, non-threatening environment within a secure perimeter that reflects the philosophy of the evolving Los Angeles County Model for youth corrections.

This model is based on similar efforts in Missouri and the District of Columbia integrating small, safe, community oriented and youth focused programming and operations.

"Chose an educational model as opposed to detention model, and as such, it promotes treatment. De-emphasizes the traditional institutional look for a more humane and progressive design. " ~ Jury comments

This is the first time this model, adopted by the county and state actively promotes  and represents a new paradigm focused on care and treatment rather than only custody and control. To accomplish these goals, we implemented the following concepts within our planning and design.   The overarching goal was to provide spatial variety, ease of supervision, encourage staff/resident interaction, provide physical and visual connections to the outdoors and accommodate interaction with the community. The architectural concept contributing to the overall program is an emphasis in creating a more residential campus image while reducing the institutionalized perception of the facility by both residents and staff alike.

This concept addresses elements of scale, roof form, materials, and landscaping. Roof forms and development of differing identities for various elements of the project within a unified whole is key to this approach.  In revisiting the housing, pitched roofs, more evocative of house or small cottage architecture, identify the housing units.  Additionally, while each building contains two 12-bed units, separate identities were established for each unit by using the common support functions to separate the individual forms and creating residential scaled entry porches.

Additional information

Civil Engineer- KPF

Electrical Engineer - P2S Engineering

Environmental Consultant - BonTerra Psomas

Food Service Consultant - Essen Design, LLC

Generral Contractor – Bernards

Geotechincal Engineering - Ninyo & Moore

Landscape Consulting - Lynn Capouya Inc.

Mechanical Engineer - P2S Engineering

Plumbing - P2S Engineering

Security Systems - Next Generation Security

Structural Engineer – KPFF


Mallory Scott Cusenbery, AIA (Chair), RossDrulisCusenbery, Sonoma, California

Hon. Celeste F. Bremer, United States District Court | Southern District of Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa

Michael Cox, AIA, Wold Architects and Engineers, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Julian Jaffary, B.Arch, OAA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thomas Pulaski, Prince William County Police Department, Woodbridge, Virginia

Arthur Thompson, AIA, SMRT, Portland, Maine

Charles W. Wend, Mount Vernon, Washington

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