Southern Oregon University Thalden Pavilion:Centre For Outrageous Innovation

Christopher  Brown, AIA; Gulnara Iskhakova, Assoc. AIA; David Weir; Jeffrey Luers; Yabori  Sequeira Calvo; Hiroki Abe

The Southern Oregon University Thalden Pavilion: Centre for Outrageous Innovation is an open-source hub for sustainable farming, permaculture, theatre, art, music, and sciences.

The Thalden Pavilion Centre for Outrageous Innovation is a multi-disciplinary learning center located at the Southern Oregon University Sustainable Farm in Ashland, Oregon. The Centre for Outrageous Innovation focuses on the integration of the environmental sciences, art, theater, music, and permaculture in a collaborative setting on a 20 acre wetland and agricultural parcel located adjacent to Southern Oregon University, Ashland Middle School, and three elementary/charter Schools.

A fundamental tenant of the design is the integration of multi-disciplinary studies in the university curriculum and the outreach within the greater community to involve participation in events such as farm-to-table harvesting, pollinator workshops, art exhibitions, music and theater performances, and community restoration.

The Pavilion consists of three large geometric wings that shelter a 1,600 square foot hexagonal stage. There is an ancillary Kitchen/Laboratory/Storage area of 450 square feet, supporting both farm operations and providing access to stainless steel counter surfaces and a prep-sink. The large wing surfaces are held in tension by cables that both distinguish the form of the pavilion and provide infrastructure for fabric shade-sails. The cables are anchored to a large vertical plinth, both a prominent landmark feature defining the pavilion as well as a hearth for warmth in the winter months.

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