Hyundai Capital Convention Hall

Architect: Gensler

Owner: Hyundai Capital

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Atop the south tower of Hyundai Capital’s global headquarters in Seoul, this 6,250-square-foot assembly space hosts large training sessions, employee functions, and company-wide meetings for the South Korean financial powerhouse. The new venue straddles art and architecture, manipulating each user’s perception of materials, light, and space.

Though the client asked for a refined design integrated with cutting-edge technology, supreme acoustics, and innovative lighting, the team was given near free rein for the project. By creating a timeless and distraction-free space, the team was able to craft a visual experience that echoes Hyundai Capital’s minimal and progressive brand.

Finding inspiration in the West Coast minimalist Light and Space Movement of the 1960s and ’70s, and the bright white cyclorama walls of classic photography studios, a molded acoustical plaster shell is the basis for the project’s interior. A sly nod to the company’s stylized “H” logo is replicated in the shell, giving a rhythm to the space while hiding its technical equipment. The space is bracketed by white walls with rounded corners that, in concert with a reflective floor finish and cove lighting, create the impression of a space without boundaries.

An outer container of felt panels that increase acoustic absorption wraps the space and provides a visual counterpoint to the white shell. The industrial material is heightened by careful craftsmanship and bespoke details such as brass fasteners. Ultimate flexibility for seating can be found in a double-height steel-clad box that houses retractable bleachers. Behind the bleachers, the box contains a technologically advanced control room and a secondary presentation room that contrasts with the main space with its washed black walls and LED lighting.

By rehabilitating the tower’s existing double-height space, the team provided a cost-effective solution and created a new space that spurs productivity. Its adaptability allows the space to exist as an intimate town hall available year-round for events.

Additional information

Architect: Gensler

Lighting Consultant: KGM

Acoustics Consultant: Veneklasen


Candid Rogers, FAIA, Chair, Candid Rogers Architect, San Antonio, TX

Cornell Anderson, AIA, Fieldwork Design & Architecture, LLC, Portland, Oregon

Caitlin Daley, AIA, Buell Kratzer Powell, LTD, Philadelphia, PA

William T. Eberhard, AIA, Eberhard Architects LLC, Cleveland, OH

Peter MacKeith, Assoc. AIA, University of Arkansas, Fay Jones School of Architecture, Fayetteville, Arkansas

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