Saxum Vineyard Equipment Barn

Architect: Clayton & Little Architects

Owner: Saxum Vineyards

Location: Paso Robles, California

Category: Up to $1.5 million in construction cost (category 2)

Located in the Templeton Gap area of Paso Robles, California, this simple agricultural structure rests at the toes of the 50 acre James Berry Vineyard and the adjacent winery. Sitting sentry as the foremost structure present upon entering the vineyard lined property, the barn and its renewable energy system speak to the winery's commitment to sustainability and subservience to the natural landscape. Imagined as a modern pole barn, the reclaimed oil field pipe structure provides an armature for a photovoltaic roof and covered storage for equipment, workshop and maintenance space, and storage for livestock supplies. Utilizing a laminated glass solar module system as both the actual primary roof and the renewable energy generator, offset any additional costs to construct an additional roof. Minimalistic and salvaged materials were selected to withstand the particularly dry climate, for regional availability, long-term durability and to minimize the need for regular maintenance.  

Additional information

Structural Engineer: SSG Structural Engineers (Michael Parolini, S.E., Joe Klimczyk P.E.)  

Solar Basis of Design: Pacific Energy Company  

Solar Engineering: Power and Communications Engineering (Greg Notley, P.E.)  

General Contractor: Rarig Construction


Kurt Weaver, AIA (Jury Chair), AKW, Inc., Cleveland, OH

Anna Ives, AIA, Patterhn Ives LLC, Saint Louis, MO

Matthew H. Griffith, AIA, In Situ Studio, Raleigh, NC

Stacey Wehe, AIA, Christner Inc., Saint Louis, MO  

Edward T. Ogosta, AIA, Edward Ogosta Architecture, Culver City, CA

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