Squirrel Park

Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Owner: Labyrinth, LLC

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Category: Up to $1.5 million in construction cost (category two)

The site is located at the transition between the typical residential fabric along 32nd Street and the commercial corridor along Classen Boulevard. A single shared entrance and carport buffer the commercial property to the west while reinforcing the idea of living together.  

Responding in a sensitive and sustainable way to Oklahoma City’s imperative to increase density in existing residential neighborhoods, Squirrel Park makes innovative use of modified shipping containers to create four single-family homes. Each offers around 1400 square feet of living space, its unconventional interior layout contrasting with the modern, industrial exterior aesthetic. The design reinterprets the components of a traditional neighborhood street on a smaller scale, encouraging outdoor living and interaction. The unique nature of the site as a park-like environment will be enhanced through retention of existing mature trees, provision of shared outdoor spaces and new planting, and the addition of green roofs to assist energy efficiency and biodiversity.  

Additional information

General Contractor: Smith Design Co.

Civil Engineer: Wallace Engineering

Structural Engineer: Obelisk Engineering


Kurt Weaver, AIA (Jury Chair), AKW, Inc., Cleveland, OH

Anna Ives, AIA, Patterhn Ives LLC, Saint Louis, MO

Matthew H. Griffith, AIA, In Situ Studio, Raleigh, NC

Stacey Wehe, AIA, Christner Inc., Saint Louis, MO  

Edward T. Ogosta, AIA, Edward Ogosta Architecture, Culver City, CA

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