Hotel Inspire - traveling without barriers

Master's of Sustainable Real Estate Development team, Tulane University: Keristen Edwards, Lina Alfieri Stern, Muhanad Alfardan, Veronika Suarez

Hotel Inspire seeks to fulfill an unmet need of disabled travelers along with the families and friends who travel themselves with the aesthetics, amenities, and services, every guest deserves no matter their support need. The project places innovation and thoughtful design to accommodate each guest.

The vision for this hotel project was inspired by the experiences and vision of all avid travelers, no matter their physical circumstances. Every hotel operation is unique but one aspect shared by all hotels - if they are to operate profitably - is to retain the loyalty of existing satisfied customers and to attract new ones. If this is true, there is a market of 26 million people traveling with disabilities in the U.S. every year that like any other traveler, would simply wish traveling to be accessible and memorable. Not all hotel guests are the same or have the same abilities, at Hotel Inspire, upon arrival to the in-room experience the guest is given ownership to accommodate their environment according to their needs and preferences while also providing the expected practicalities. Guest rooms offer ample space to move freely, shower and sleep safely and feel luxurious and comforted no matter their support needs. The highlight feature of this hotel is the ramp, no longer should guests fear to wait at the top of the stair in the event of an emergency. Hotel Inspire is a place where there are no barriers but more options for enjoyment, safety, and comfort.


Geraldene Blackgoat, Assoc. AIA, Greer Stafford/ SJCF Architecture, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jennie Cannon West, AIA, Studio West Design & Architecture, New Orleans, Louisiana

Javier Fornaris Pau, AIA, OBMI Architecture, Miami, Florida

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