Architecture if for Everyone: MLK Day of Service 5 Year Anniversary Event

Eskew+Dumez+Ripple Firm: Javier Marcano, Mary Catherine Bullock, Michael Mantese, Sam Levison, Ian M. O'Cain, AIA, Jason Richards, AIA and Jose Alvarez, AIA

The Day of Service was developed with the intent of minimizing the barriers that non-profits often face in accessing design.

Five years ago, Eskew+Dumez+Ripple (EDR) developed an annual program intended to unite design and civic leadership to analyze and address social and urban issues with the power of good design and community engagement. The EDR Day of Service evolved from the firm ethos and became part of the firm identity. 2019 marked an important milestone for the Day of Service program, five years of projects with and for the New Orleans community. To celebrate, a team of emerging professionals in the office created an exhibit showcasing the work from the previous Days of Service. The 20+ projects were divided into 4 categories: housing, resiliency, education, and equity. Each category was represented by a pillar that highlighted the community partners and the projects that EDR completed based on the submitted proposals. Projects have ranged from graphic and budgeting exercises to schematic building sets. The exhibit was constructed in the AIA Center for Design where local AIA New Orleans chapter resides. It featured the project booklets completed and delivered to the community partners, 4 pillars highlighting 20+ projects, 2 intro pillars and a short video of interviews about the Day of Service process and outcomes.

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Geraldene Blackgoat, Assoc. AIA, Greer Stafford/ SJCF Architecture, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jennie Cannon West, AIA, Studio West Design & Architecture, New Orleans, Louisiana

Javier Fornaris Pau, AIA, OBMI Architecture, Miami, Florida

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