2020 Associates Award Recipient

The AIA Associates Award is given to individual Associate AIA members to recognize outstanding leaders and creative thinkers for significant contributions to their communities and the architecture profession.

An engaging mentor and creative thinker, Eduardo Castaneda, Assoc. AIA, endeavors to make architecture more inclusive in Dallas and across the country. From his first days as the AIAS representative on AIA Dallas’ board of directors, Castaneda established himself as an inspiring leader who is eager to leverage his story as a Latino architect to rally the next generation of design professionals.

Castaneda is a senior designer at CallisonRTKL’s Dallas office, a firm that aligns with his passion for shaping communities for the better through design. He has played key roles in a number of high-profile and award-winning projects in all parts of the world. His proficiency in emerging technologies, such as 3-D printing and virtual reality, bolsters his firm’s reputation for innovation, and one of his animations was recognized with an award in the 2018 Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition facilitated by AIA Dallas. His work has also been celebrated with several design awards, including a 2017 honor award from AIA Dallas for the conceptual design of a new headquarters for AT&T. His contributions shaped the innovative vertical approach for the campus and responded to the company’s ethos and Dallas’ urban fabric.

“Since accepting him as part of our Scholarship Program at Callison, I have come to know a colleague whose design exploration is viewed through a lens that is at once passionate and humble,” wrote Michael Friebele, Assoc. AIA, a senior associate at CallisonRTKL, in a letter supporting Castaneda’s nomination for the Associates Award. “Eduardo explores and questions with an intent to always learn and strive for better, working with lead designers to actively seek the most potential in every project.”

Castaneda has long been focused on diversifying the profession and was a dedicated volunteer for AIA Dallas’ Latinos in Architecture Network for many years before assuming a leadership role. Through his guidance as its chair for two years, the network broadened its social and networking activities for both chapter members and those unfamiliar with AIA. He helped found the LiA Scholarship as well as a supporting fundraiser with colleagues from the Architecture and Design Foundation. Castaneda has helped other AIA chapters launch their own LiA networks and works tirelessly to introduce new professional development opportunities for them.

“Eduardo is always one to look at ways the architectural profession can have a positive impact on urban, environmental, and social issues,” Paul M. Dennehy, AIA, 2017 past-president of the Texas Society of Architects, wrote in a letter supporting Castaneda’s nomination. “He has continually sought to remove roadblocks from organizations in order that they may do the most good for the most people.”


Timothy C. Hawk, FAIA (Chair), WSA Studio, Columbus, Ohio

Lawrence Scarpa, FAIA, Brooks Scarpa, Hawthorne, California

Peter MacKeith, Assoc. AIA, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Oswaldo Ortega, AIA, Gensler, Chicago, Illinois

Julia Laue, AIA, Bureau of Architecture, San Francisco Public Works, San Francisco, California

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