2020 Young Architects Award Recipient

Emerging talent deserves recognition. The AIA Young Architects Award honors individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made significant contributions to the architecture profession early in their careers.

Gabriela Baierle, AIA, employs a multipronged approach in her efforts to better the profession. As a multicultural woman and foreign national, she brings a unique perspective that has enriched architectural discourse at all levels. Her leadership efforts at the Boston Society of Architects are coupled with boundless enthusiasm resulting in effective programs that provide opportunities for her fellow emerging professionals to thrive.

After receiving her master of architecture degree from North Dakota State University, Baierle faced a daunting path toward licensure. Her visa did not allow her to earn enough experience hours, and standardized testing was difficult for her since English is her second language. With her experiences in mind, she became the AIA Massachusetts licensing advisor in 2016. In that role, she has ensured candidates are supported through every step of the process and has advised hundreds of future architects on the many paths to licensure. She also provides guidance in her regular contributions to AIA’s electronic publications, CONNECTION and the College of Fellows Newsletter.

Baierle’s willingness to serve is evident at Boston’s Arrowstreet, where she is an associate and core member on a number of academic projects in New England and the Midwest. She implements professional development opportunities to the benefit of her colleagues and, as a member of the firm’s Arrowstreet Launch program, publishes a newsletter that highlights upcoming opportunities. She also participated in the ABX Design Technology Throwdown competition, and her four-person team took first place in 2017. Baierle’s efforts have strengthened the firm’s inter-office relationships and helped it earn the AIA New England Emerging Professional Friendly Firm credential in 2018.

While under Baierle’s leadership, the Boston Society of Architects’ Emerging Professionals Network continually delivered strategic programming that addressed a number of unmet needs. In collaboration with partners such as the College of Fellows, the network provides opportunities for its members to gain new skills relevant to career development, but its networking opportunities welcome students, engineers, contractors, and product representatives, too. Last year, Baierle helped launch FeedBack, a mentorship program designed specifically for Boston’s emerging professionals. Through the program, each mentor-mentee pair is connected to five resourceful professionals to contact over the course of five months. Though new, the program has positively affected its participants, and other New England chapters plan to implement it.

Always striving to better the profession, Baierle is passionate about shaping the ways in which architects learn and grow. Using her keen sense of social awareness, she is eager to lead in a way that represents many rather than few.


Edward Vance, FAIA (Chair), EV&A Architects, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada

Peter Kuttner, FAIA, Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts

John Castellana, FAIA, TMP Architecture, Inc., Bloomfield Hill, Michigan

Roger Schluntz, FAIA, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Frances Halsband, FAIA, Klimet Halsband Architects, New York, New York

Lora Teagarden, AIA, RATIO Architects, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana

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