2020 Young Architects Award Recipient

Emerging talent deserves recognition. The AIA Young Architects Award honors individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made significant contributions to the architecture profession early in their careers.

Nicholas Lindsley, AIA, possesses a natural ability to weave together practice, service, and education that has helped raise the profile of the profession and reshape his community. A conscientious designer and true citizen architect, Lindsley’s contributions extend beyond the walls of his office, as he is actively engaged in a number of cultural and economic initiatives that advance common causes in Iowa.

For more than a decade, Lindsley has worked with Neumann Monson Architects, where he has had a palpable impact on the firm’s culture. He has hosted a number of community events at the firm’s offices, initiated a monthly design documentary series, and encouraged his colleagues to take up causes relevant to the community. In 2012, Lindsley led the firm’s design quality group to facilitate concept discussions and emphasize design rigor. As a result of his direction, the firm has received three times as many AIA Iowa Design Awards and two times as many AIA Central States Design Awards as any other firm in the region.

Since his 2009 graduation from Iowa State University as a double major in architecture and environmental studies, Lindsley has remained engaged with the academic community. He has embraced roles as a visiting critic at universities across Iowa and has been a mentor for the Iowa Architectural Foundation and the ACE Mentor Program. Last year, his efforts led to an invitation to lead the advanced practice-driven design studio for fifth-year undergraduate and third-year graduate students at his alma mater. Working with a colleague, he tailored the syllabus to explore flooding in urban areas and applied lessons learned from New Orleans to a major, semester-long project in Davenport, Iowa.

Lindsley has a sustained record of involvement with his local and state AIA chapters. As president of AIA South East Iowa Architects Section, he implemented new events that engaged community members and raised funds for education-focused organizations. He has served on a number of committees for AIA Iowa, soliciting speakers and delivering workshops for two annual conventions. In 2010, Lindsley embarked on a four-year term on the board of Iowa Architecture, spending much of his time writing, editing, and transitioning the magazine through a redesign. AIA Iowa celebrated his achievements with its Young Architect Award in 2018, and, last year, he served as its treasurer.

In Iowa City, Lindsley has served on a legislative committee for the Iowa City Downtown District, shaping policy positions and forging strong relationships with the city council. He has created new initiatives for the district, including First Round, a community happy hour centered on the intersection of the business and arts community. In addition, he has steered a number of clients through the district’s property evaluation program, which gives property owners concepts and payback analysis for potential redevelopment of their buildings.

Deeply committed to his craft, clients, and the next generation of architects, Lindsley is a vital asset for the profession. His well-rounded approach demonstrates his understanding of design’s profound power to change communities for the better.


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