Architecture for Children

Vicky Chan, AIA

Architecture for Children is comprised of a group of volunteers in Hong Kong and New York who teach children about architecture and sustainability with the goal of improving communities.

Architecture for Children is a program developed by a group of volunteers in Hong Kong and New York who come multiple backgrounds but all believe creative thinking can help educate our future leaders. Architecture for Children focuses on geometry, environmental problems, science, history, creative thinking and model building. Our students include children at the age of 8-11.

We begin our lesson with something simple and small. From one simple concept, we explain structure and design. Using interactive presentations,we teach children the concept of sustainable designs. We builds up new lesson on top of the previous lessons. More building and sustainable concepts will be taught until they learn how to assemble a complicated geometries like high-rise towers with wind turbine. They also learn to collaborate in teams. Through trial and error, students discover the beauty of experiment.

Our volunteer program is made possible with the help of La Salle Primary School in Hong Kong and Pratt Institute in New York.  

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Vicky Chan, AIA