AIA San Antonio Latinos in Architecture

AIA San Antonio's Latinos in Architecture (LiA) network prioritizes connecting people, elevating issues, and highlighting individuals in the Latino/a/x community.

Founded in San Antonio in 2014, AIA's Latinos in Architecture (LiA) network grew from a need to serve underrepresented, growing populations in the architecture community. Today, LiA exists in five cities in Texas and one in California.

Prior to the formation of the committee, LiA San Antonio's founding co-chairs, Adrianna Swindle, AIA, and Jimmy Castellanos, AIA, were asked by the AIA San Antonio Board of Directors to host an introductory event to gauge member interest. The event exceeded everyone's expectations with over 100 people in attendance - chapter members and non-members.

Since its inception, LiA has prioritized connecting people, elevating issues affecting Latinos/as/x in design fields, and highlighting individuals and their work and sharing their stories. LiA consistently produces dynamic annual programming for its chapters and expands its influence into the larger community. Through partnerships with local organizations, the group has fostered education, understanding, and the activation of public spaces. LiA has succeeded in nurturing and building relationships that will have a long-term impact on their communities.

LiA continually strives to create an inclusive group that allows members to express themselves, feel valued and understood, be heard, find mentors, and build friendships. To further this inclusivity and elminate barriers for all, LiA events are free of charge. Since its inception, LiA has raised over $40,000, which has been invested in scholarships, events, speakers, design competitions, and exhibitions. As a network, LiA has the power to impact design firm cultural systems, curricula, and policies at every level affecting the built environment.

"It is one thing to celebrate the contributions of the Latino/a community of architects, it is another to showcase Latino/a architects as leaders in their community, and they are to be commended for providing opportunities for both." - Jury comment


Linsey Graff, Assoc. AIA, DLR Group, Phoenix, Arizona

Jonathan Penndorf, FAIA, Perkins+Will, Washington, DC

Tania Salgado, FAIA, Handprint Architecture, Denver, Colorado

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