Hurricane Resilient Healthcare

LS3P Associates: Angela Falk, AIA, Joshua Ellison, Adam Heiborn, Angela Douglas, and Matt Barnett, AIA

Environmental excellence in healthcare design means starting with a shift perspective on value. Currently these projects are defined by perceived efficiency of space to lower cost but this results in oppressively dense buildings lacking connection to nature.

Climate change is causing storms to become bigger, stronger and more frequent than ever before. Projects in the healthcare sector are one of the most vulnerable typologies due to the sensitivity of patients, protection, access, and resiliency. This was most evident during hurricane Katrina when half of New Orlean's hospitals went offline. Most recently, when hurricane Florence left Wilmington North Carolina, the city cut off from food, fuel, and medical supplies by floodwaters for over a week. Healthcare and hospital typologies are slow to evolve and this project takes a deep dive into how to create resilient future for hospital architecture.


Gail Kubik, Assoc. AIA, Finegold Alexander Architects, Salem, Massachusetts

Sandra Montalbo, Assoc. AIA, San Antonio, Texas

Todd Ray, FAIA, Page Southerland Page, Inc, Washington, D.C.

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Matt Barnett, AIA LS3P Associates


Matt Barnett, AIA LS3P Associates


Matt Barnett, AIA LS3P Associates


Matt Barnett, AIA LS3P Associates