Second Chance Wildlife Education Center

David Mayo, AIA with Studio MAYO Architects

Second Chances Wildlife Education Center rescues an old barn and rehabilitates the structure to provide environmental education to the community.

Second Chances Wildlife Center in Mt. Washington, KY provides wildlife rehabilitation and safe release of injured, displaced, or orphaned animals. As part of this mission, they wished to expand to provide environmental education programs to the community. Programs include school field trips, ecology day camps, exhibits, and events. With limited funding, David Mayo with Studio MAYO Architects turned their eyes to the property which was donated to the Center. "We realized there were assets on site that could be harvested and re- purposed, eliminating a large portion of the budget. In keeping with the mission of rehabilitation from the Owner, the project carefully deconstructs an existing barn to give it new life; a second chance". Downed trees found throughout the property were milled by local volunteers and used to augment wood siding supplies. Stones from the creek were collected and stored to be used in phase 2 for flooring. The use of materials found on site helped the building assimilate into the natural surroundings, while the arrangement of spaces and fenestrations provided flexibility of use and a connection to the natural habitat. This project shows the power of architecture and sustainability to bring social, educational and ecological value to the community.


Gail Kubik, Assoc. AIA, Finegold Alexander Architects, Salem, Massachusetts

Sandra Montalbo, Assoc. AIA, San Antonio, Texas

Todd Ray, FAIA, Page Southerland Page, Inc, Washington, D.C.

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