Maria Fernanda Farieta, Associate AIAS

ARCH 403 Design Studio, Advisor: Brittany Williams, AIA

University of Maryland, College Park, 2019

Greenscape is a public venue that promotes and highlights sustainability for the University of Maryland and the community as a whole.

Sustainable systems are distributed evenly and discretely throughout the campus of the University of Maryland. The Greenscape design reverses that notion as it emerges from the preexisting field, while exposing and celebrating environmental methods. The building imposes a minimal impact on the characteristic importance of this site as an open field. Roofs, walls, walkways, loading, all emerging from the topography, maximizing the views of the iconic landmarks from the green roof, and finely merging with the context. Aside from the exceptional insulating benefits of the earth’s wrap onto the roof, the large overhang provides passive solar shading to keep the gallery’s comfort. Slopes of the site are juxtaposed in the building design to collect and recycle rainwater outside the building. Interior and exterior exhibition spaces are staggered along the steps, following the slope of the site, resembling the multiple layers of sustainability found on campus, with special attention to the merging of ramps for accessibility in an all- inclusive experience.


Gail Kubik, Assoc. AIA, Finegold Alexander Architects, Salem, Massachusetts

Sandra Montalbo, Assoc. AIA, San Antonio, Texas

Todd Ray, FAIA, Page Southerland Page, Inc, Washington, D.C.

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SOUTH rendering-01

Maria Fernanda Farieta, Assoc. AIAS


Maria Fernanda Farieta, Assoc. AIAS


Maria Fernanda Farieta, Assoc. AIAS


Maria Fernanda Farieta, Assoc. AIAS


Maria Fernanda Farieta, Assoc. AIAS