Arizona State University Hayden Library Reinvention

Architect: Ayers Saint Gross

Owner: Arizona Board of Regents & Arizona State University

Location: Tempe, Arizona

Project site: Previously developed land

Building program type(s): Public Assembly - Library

The design team and university community shared a vision that Hayden Library needed to transform from a warehouse of books into a place for people while simultaneously celebrating the building’s historic legacy. Located in the heart of campus, Hayden Library anchors two highly utilized pedestrian malls. The new exterior design creates a ground-level plaza to reconnect the tower to campus and reinforces pedestrian connections with double-height glazing and new interior slab openings that create both visual and physical connections. The decision to retain nearly all the existing structural and building envelope elements was born of the desire for historic preservation and maintained the embodied carbon of these enduring assets. Existing granite panels and stained glass are salvaged and reused in the project to elevate their contribution to the building’s architectural experience. Precise restoration and renovation of all existing stairs and guardrails honor the iconic existing building while showcasing new and future uses and details.

Fantastic example of what can be done on an existing building, and the addition is beautifully integrated into the larger context. Interior references back to mid-century instead of trying to go super trendy, which fits its origin and the external façade much better. - Jury comment

Additional information

Project attributes

Year of design completion: 2018

Year of substantial project completion: 2019

Gross conditioned floor area: 242,024 sq ft

Number of stories: 5

Project climate zone: ASHRAE 2b Hot Dry

Annual hours of operation: 7,777

Site area: 110,473 sq ft

Project site context/setting: Urban

Cost of construction, excluding furnishing: $69,000,000

Number of residents, occupants, visitors: 650,000

Project team

Consultant - Accessibility: ADA Professional Team, LLC

Consultant - Acoustics: MaKay Conant Hoover, Inc.

Consultant - Building Envelope: Rimkus Building Consultants

Consultant - Code: Fisher Engineering, Inc.

Consultant - Cost: Rider Levett Bucknall

Consultant - Fire Protection: Fisher Engineering, Inc.

Consultant - Landscape Architect: TRUEFORM landscape architecture studio

Consultant - Technology: Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Consultant - Vertical Transportation: Lerch Bates, Inc.

General Contractor: Holder Construction

Engineer - Civil: Wood, Patel & Associates, Inc.

Engineer - Electrical: Affiliated Engineers, Inc.  

Engineer - Electrical (Solar): Affiliated Engineers, Inc.  

Engineer - Mechanical: Affiliated Engineers, Inc.  

Engineer - Plumbing: Affiliated Engineers, Inc.  

Engineer - Structural: Advanced Structural Engineering-KPFF

Engineer - Structural (Solar Racking): Interactive Resources

Sustainability: Ayers Saint Gross | Affiliated Engineers, Inc.


Erica Cochran Hameen, Assoc. AIA, Carnegie Mellon University

Lynn Simon, FAIA, Google

Marlon Blackwell, FAIA, Marlon Blackwell Architects

Michelle Amt, AIA, VMDO Architects

Renee Cheng, FAIA, University of Washington

Image credits

Large concrete building to the right side of the image with vertical columns and a deep overhang.

Gabe Border

Arizona State University Hayden Library Reinvention-18

Gabe Border

Two students reach the top of the stairs that go down to a newly exposed lower level. A mature mesquite tree hangs over the stairs with the corner of the library in view.

Gabe Border

An open reading space along western windows that let in lots of natural light. Outside the windows is the new ground floor courtyard.

Gabe Border

Low rising wide building with central entry. There are vertical columns with a deep overhanging flat roof.

Gabe Border

View from new south entrance. The south lobby combines cafe, communicating stair, and a central information point, as well a visual connection to undergraduate social sciences and collections above.

Gabe Border