Market One

Architect: Neumann Monson Architects

Owner: Blackbird Investments

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Project site: Historic structure or district

Building program type(s): Office – 10,001 to 100,000 sf

The project is comprised of an adaptively reused building and an adjacent parking lot shaded by a solar array. Grouping service functions in a core along the west maximizes tenant flexibility. New interior construction is pulled away from exterior walls to maximize daylighting and views and to maintain the volume of the original space.

Nothing is more sustainable than breathing new life into an existing resource. Market One tells an important story about the role historic buildings can play in anchoring urban revitalization with sustainable principles. With pragmatic intent and a sensitive touch, Market One harnesses a 1901 manufacturing facility’s inherent flexibility to guide open-ended infill strategies. It integrates comprehensive sustainable strategies and rigorous design into a charismatic existing structure, maintaining the building’s original character and yielding healthy open work environments faithful to its original, airy spaces. The project meets the challenge of pursuing energy efficiency while adhering to National Park Service historic preservation guidelines.

The restraint is a rarity, and this shows maturity about how decisions are being made on intervention and bringing to life. more robust Geothermal loops were unusual—not necessarily innovative but unusual. Like the interiors and the fact that they kept the historic building exterior. It's adaptive reuse and is efficient price per square foot. It's a very good building and is well done. - Jury comment

The adaptive-reuse project achieves a rich, nuanced dialogue between new and old. In some locations, the two are carefully delineated. In others, modern interventions take a back seat to historic character. Throughout the building, transparency and compatible finishes allow space to flow freely. A service and circulation core along the building’s west maximizes tenant space flexibility. The blackened-steel primary stair that occupies the building’s old freight elevator shaft provides dramatic access through the building. A modern, wood-clad conference suite and communal roof deck perch atop the original building, using the old elevator overrun to inform its size and location.

As the first major reinvestment in Des Moines’ Market District, Market One has set the standard for subsequent, responsible development. A series of investments since the building’s completion have followed Market One’s lead in respecting the existing fabric. LEED Platinum status and a 2018 ASHRAE Award have further elevated this project as an influential development model.

Additional information

Project attributes

Year of design completion: 2014

Year of substantial project completion: 2014

Gross conditioned floor area: 54,948 sq ft

Number of stories: 5

Project climate zone: ASHRAE 5A

Annual hours of operation: 2,550

Site area: 38,080 sq ft

Project site context/setting: Urban

Cost of construction, excluding furnishing: $10,671,777

Number of residents, occupants, visitors: 42,330

Project team

Engineer - MEP: MODUS

Engineer – Structural & Civil: Raker Rhodes Engineering

General Contractor: Beal Derkenne Construction

Landscape Architect: Genus Landscape Architects

LEED Consultant: C- Wise


Erica Cochran Hameen, Assoc. AIA, Carnegie Mellon University

Lynn Simon, FAIA, Google

Marlon Blackwell, FAIA, Marlon Blackwell Architects

Michelle Amt, AIA, VMDO Architects

Renee Cheng, FAIA, University of Washington

Image credits

A train goes by at high speed an old, brick warehouse building. It is evening and you can see other warehouse style buildings in the background.

Integrated Studio

An image of the roof top. There is a covered terrace with seating, solar panels, and a lightly planted green roof space.

Integrated Studio

A front long front desk is set in front of glass-walled office and conference spaces. The wood looks to be original and the ceiling is opened up to reveal the original ductwork and industrial fixings.

Integrated Studio

A hallway of open, glass-walled conference rooms. Original features to the building such as ceiling beams, fixtures, and hardwood floors are present.

Integrated Studio

From the bottom of the open stairwell, looking up. The stairs as mesh and allow for a clear view to the top floor.

Integrated Studio