Pennsylvania Farmhouse

Architect: Cutler Anderson Architects

Location: Lakewood, Pennsylvania

Category: One- and Two-Family Custom Residences (category one)

This family farm in rural Pennsylvania of rolling hills and meadows features large moveable shutters simultaneously cooling the house while providing daylighting.

This 3,000 sq. ft. home is on a 283-acre family farm in rural Pennsylvania of rolling hills and meadows. Care was taken to minimize disturbance to the land and leave it in its natural state, including old rock walls found throughout the property. The stone used at the base of the house is Pennsylvania bluestone/field stone.

The house features large moveable shutters which cool the house while allowing excellent daylighting, and lowers the ambient temperature by as much as 20 degrees during summer months. Heat is provided via a ground source radiant heating system that is backed up with a wood-fired boiler. The wood for the boiler is collected from ‘deadfall’ in the surrounding woods on the farm. A tertiary back up heating system is provided by the wood stove which circulates warm air throughout the house.

The house is pre-wired for a future solar array to be installed on the white metal roof.

"Pure, simple form evocative of classic barn and farmhouse designs. It reinterprets traditional elements in contemporary materials, forms, and functions."—Jury comment

Additional information

Engineer (structural): Madden Baughman Engineering

General contractor: Breig Brothers Contractor

Supervisors: Warren Breig & Frank Truncali


Katherine Williams, AIA, (Chair) Fifth Generation Holdings, Falls Church, Virginia

Joe Digrado, AIA, Danielian Associates, Irvine, California

Blake Held, AIA, Blake H. Held Architect, PLLC, Honeoye Falls, New York

Charles Mudede, The Stranger (Journalist), Seattle, Washington

David Perkes, AIA, Mississippi State University GCCDS, Biloxi, Mississippi      

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