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Tell Congress: Support investment in communities across America!

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Did you know that potentially hundreds of billions of dollars that would otherwise create new business for architecture firms is effectively being withheld from investment in communities across America because of a small part of the federal tax code? While the tax code is complicated, this issue is simple.

The Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act, or FIRPTA, places an overly burdensome high tax on foreign entities if they invest above a certain percentage in a U.S. commercial real estate property. This is deterring $65–$125 billion in investment dollars that would otherwise create new business opportunities for architecture firms.

Bottom line: AIA is pursuing the full repeal of FIRPTA, and we need architects to educate their U.S. Senators and Congressman/woman about this issue. Since you are a constituent, your direct input will have a great impact. In fact, AIA’s federal relations team will cite your message when they approach your elected official once they return to Capitol Hill after Election Day.

Ask your colleagues to visit this page, and send a tweet or email message, too! This is definitely a “strength-in-numbers” situation, so please help spread the word to take action!