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Bifocals Winning

There are many ways for AIA Members to stay connected with their colleagues and also make a difference in their communities locally and globally.  AIA offers many opportunities to customize your membership with the AIA Knowlegde Communities in your specific professional interest areas.  Joining these communities will help the AIA provide you with timely information on awards, research, industry news, programs and opportunities to network both in-person and online in your specific areas of interest.  To view more information on AIA National's Knowlege Communities, please visit the following link: AIA Knowlege Communities.

AIA Eastern NY offers many areas to get involved locally with the following committees.  Feel free to contact any of the committee chairs or AIA ENY with any questions or to become a member.

We need you!

AIAENY is calling for member volunteers to participate on new, exciting service opportunities! Volunteering is a great way to contribute to our architectural community and expand your professional network. Participation is encouraged to gain the most value of membership.

Marketing task force

Chair: Seeking interested parties

Mission: Develop relationships with vendors, suppliers, engineers, contractors and other organizations within the architectural profession and practice

Tasks: Volunteers will provide input on the AIAENY Marketing Packet and solicit support for AIAENY events and service efforts.

Duration: Marketing goals should be met in the first half of the year.

Contact: AIAENY Office,

Publicity task force

Chair: Seeking interested parties

Mission: Each year, AIAENY will pursue one new publicity priority in an effort to promote our membership’s talents to the general public. This year’s publicity priority is traveling exhibition of the Design Awards submission boards.

Tasks: Volunteers will identify potential venues, schedule the exhibitions, and coordinate transport of boards using the AIAENY office resources.

Duration: Exhibition plans should be in place by the end of March to allow for maximum exposure.

Contact: AIAENY Office,

K-12 committee

Chair: Joe Paradis

Mission: The mission of the AIAENY K-12 Educational Outreach Committee is to promote awareness of Architecture, Design and Sustainability in the AIAENY area by interacting with the local K-12 communities.


Duration: Kick-off meeting will be held in January to discuss tasks and goals for 2017

Contact: Joe Paradis,

Emerging Professionals committee

Co-Chairs: Mike Goard & Brennan Drake

Mission: The mission of AIAENY Emerging Professionals Committee is to help aspiring architects become licensed. To do this, we will create networking opportunities where emerging professionals can meet others in a similar situation as well as more experienced professionals. We will provide study courses to help prepare for the ARE. We will provide study materials and guides for the ARE. Lastly, we will provide AXP opportunities.

Tasks: Volunteers have the options of helping manage social media and promotion of events and seminars. Also, host or support for networking events, study courses, and AXP tours.

Duration: Year 2017 kick off meeting to be held the end of January.

Contact: Brennan Drake; Casey Crossley,

Design Awards committee

Chair: Tina Mesiti-Céas

Mission: To plan and implement the yearly Design Awards Program for the ENY chapter. Committee members assist in the overall planning to administer the program and execute the awards ceremony. This event is one of ENY’s most well attended events where colleagues and friends come together to mingle, discuss our practice and celebrate some of our member’s best work.

Tasks: Jury selection, venue selection, program and event planning and design.

Duration: Varies; once every three weeks for three months up until the event date.

Contact: Melissas Clarke,; Tina Mesiti-Céas,

Thank you!


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Bifocals Winning

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