Career and the profession

Five projects by Hispanic architects

A study titled "Where Are My People? Hispanic & Latinx in Architecture", part of a larger series on diversity in architecture compiled by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA), highlights a lack of recognition for Hispanic & Latinx architects in the profession's highest honors (AIA Gold Medal, AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion, Pritzker Prize, and ACSA Distinguished Professor). The author states, "...On the whole, [statistics] indicate that while schools are currently enrolling Hispanic/Latinx students at adequate numbers this does not transfer directly to the profession."

Career and the profession

Supporting architecture’s next generation

Zuleika Baldeo, a Morgan State University sophomore and recipient of the Curry Stone Foundation Diversity Advancement Scholarship, reflects on her path to the profession.

ABI September 2021: Architecture firm billings end the summer on a strong note

Firms have invested most heavily in technology to assist with communication and collaboration, as well as project management and delivery

Firm management

Supply chain issues? Blame COVID and globalism

Even if AIA’s Architecture Billings Index (ABI) is settling into a productive mid-50s zone, supply chain problems are top of mind for the AEC industry.

Citizen Architect

Frank Zilm, FAIA

Frank Zilm has led a life of service and advocacy. His introduction to local AIA chapters came just after high school and instilled in him the notion that architects must give back—to their communities, their professions, and the schools that launched their careers. Zilm has been a Citizen Architect ever since. As AIA Kansas City chapter president, Zilm built a scholarship program that fosters the next generation of architects. (Privately, Zilm and his wife also have established and sponsored two other scholarship programs.) As a college professor, he has helped students understand how architects can improve the health and safety of marginalized communities. As a citizen advocate, he has led volunteer coalitions that are shaping the policy answers to society’s most pressing challenges.


A Regional Tour of Climate Risk for Planning and Design


10-part series to explain changing and expected climate trends for each region of the US.


A message to world leaders ahead of COP26

Devastating wildfires and brutal heat waves. Expanding drought. Disastrous storms and deadly flooding. Billions of dollars of damage and heartbreaking stories of lost lives and destroyed businesses and homes. Climate change is upon us, and the impacts we are witnessing and experiencing this year are but a harbinger of what’s to come in the years ahead if we collectively fail to act.


Architect’s Guide to Business Continuity

An all new and timely resource that provides guidance for reducing vulnerability so firms can remain open despite disruptions.


Crunch time for infrastructure legislation

Groundbreaking infrastructure legislation is not over the finish line yet. It’s critical that architects keep up our campaign to remind policymakers that buildings are infrastructure.

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