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The AIA is the voice of the architectural profession and a resource for its members in service to society.

Where architects stand

Career and the profession

New resolutions recommit AIA to equity and diversity

Delegates at the 2018 AIA Annual Meeting voted to make the Institute more supportive of difference, more steadfast in inclusiveness, and more explicit in justice.

How To

The Safety Assessment Program

The Safety Assessment Program training provides built environment professionals with the knowledge to evaluate buildings after a disastrous event.

Inspiring moments from A'18

In case you missed conference this year, here's an opportunity to hear from the Institute's leadership, in addition a special Hip Hop performance by Yonas.

Harassment resources

Resources for members to identify and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace.


AIA Compensation Report

The AIA Compensation Report offers salary data and analysis for a comprehensive variety of architecture firm positions.

Career and the profession

Three new leaders elected at AIA Conference on Architecture 2018

The 2020 President-elect, the 2019-2020 Secretary, and an At-large Director were elected in New York City.

Firm management

How to combat harassment in the architecture profession

Human resources expert Shirley Davis spoke at A'18 about how architects can foster inclusive workplaces where employees can thrive personally and professionally.

Career and the profession

Architects commit to a future of equity and respect

AIA members are asking their peers to commit to a more inclusive field. At A’18 and beyond, architects raise their voices, share stories, and pledge to better the profession.

Social impact

Architects prioritize design as a school security solution

How well can anyone plan for the chaos and violence of a school shooting? Architects are positioning themselves as experts in the national conversation.

Commemorating 50 years

Honoring 50 years of Whitney M. Young Jr's 1968 AIA Convention speech

Calculating the architect’s fee: Is there a better way?

AIA’s new B101-2017 agreement attempts to bring clarity to the murky world of percentage-based compensation.

Social impact

Protecting vulnerable populations in the face of climate change

Climate change will have the biggest impact on those who are already the most vulnerable. At A’18, architects debated what they can do about it.

Social impact

Is all architecture infrastructure?

At A'18, architects encouraged their peers to think about how infrastructure can be both functional and a benefit to communities.

Where we stand: immigration and visa restrictions

We believe that people who desire to live, work, and travel to and from the US are vital to American growth and innovation.

ABI May 2018: Firm billings continue to grow

Business conditions at architecture firms remained strong in May, which marked the eighth consecutive month of billings growth.

2018 Housing Awards

The Housing Awards emphasize good housing as a necessity of life, a sanctuary for the human spirit, and a valuable national resource. Recipients show the world how beauty, safety, sustainability, and comfort can come together.

AIA Public Awareness Campaign 2018: Blueprint for Better

Learn more about how we’re getting the word out about the powerful social impact of architects and how you can become involved

Firm management

Sheela Søgaard speaks to A’18 on the business of architecture

The CEO of Bjarke Ingels Group turned her Day 2 keynote at Radio City Music Hall into a 30-minute masterclass on the firm’s business model and growth strategies.

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