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Networking and Advising for Emerging Professionals


The Young Architect's Forum (YAF) is a program of the American Institute of Architects and the College of Fellows (COF) and is organized to address issues of particular importance to recently licensed architects, within 10 years after licensure. YAF is an outgrowth of a 1989 AIA Grassroots program. The issues raised and potential benefits visualized at that meeting led to the 1991 formation of a national YAF advisory committee to encourage the development of national and regional programs of interest to young architects and the creation of YAF groups within local chapters.

Events to Foster Your Professional Development

We would love to hear ideas for future YAF events or any questions you may have!

Email us at

Networking + Social Events

Want to get involved? Please feel free to attend any of our upcoming events:

  • YAF Career Fair Social, Friday, March 6th, 5-8pm, Springfield Brewing Company (Free admission, free food/drinks/prizes, No RSVP required)
  • YAF Spring Social, Mother's Brewing Company, TBD
  • YAF Summer Social, Hold Fast Brewing Company, TBD
  • YAF Fall Social, 4x4 Brewing Company, TBD

Hard Hat Construction Tours

In addition to the mentorship programs, YAF has been sponsoring hard hat tours. The annual AIA tour is completed buildings, and we wanted to show buildings at partial completion to teach students and young architects about construction and building systems. YAF tries to have several events like this throughout the year and we are always looking for suggestions. If you have a project you think would be good for a tour, please contact

Want to get licensed, but need help?

ARE Study Resources available

Architectural Registration Exam (ARE) Resources are available to all AIA Springfield + YAF Members. If interested, please contact: Mica Moffett, AIA SGF Executive Director

Chen Study Guides, Available for Check-Out

Study Better in a Group?

YAF SGF typically has several study sessions throughout the year. Watch the calendar and to be notified about these events, please join our mailing list here: YAF e-mail list!

Need help with the Architectural Experience Program (AXP)?

If you’re getting ready to start the path to licensure, or need some guidance along the way, please contact Bruce Moore, AIA at for any AXP advice and/or mentorship.

Ready to join?

We’re ready to welcome you! Other than the benefits listed above, and additional ones provided by AIA National, all new AIA members receive FREE registration to the upcoming AIA National Convention.

A’19 | Las Vegas

For up-to-date information, join the YAF e-mail list!

Newly Licensed

Congratulations on becoming licensed! To upgrade your membership from Associate to Professional, please contact Mica Moffett, AIA SGF Executive Director

AIA Emerging Professionals

Refer to the AIA National website for in-depth resources about

  • Continuing Education--track available courses on trending topics and utilize our transcript service
  • Knowledge Communities​--Connect, discuss and share your knowledge in 20+ interest areas
  • Targeted resources in the "Center for Emerging Professionals"--including licensure information, support for architecture students, and information for newly licensed architects
  • Scholarships & Grants--Information on Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships


Kate Stockton, YAF Chair

Layne Hunton, YAF Co-Chair

Amy Wiley, YAF Adviser

Chelsea McQueen, YAF Advisor


YAF Program Roles:

YAF Co-Chair

Supports the YAF Chair, first year of 3 year commitment.

YAF Chair

Second year of 3 year commitment.

The Young Architects Forum (YAF) promotes the professional growth and leadership development of Emerging Professionals, including early and mid-career architects and unlicensed professionals on both traditional and non-traditional career paths. The YAF is both a place to connect socially with the design community and a venue to build leadership and advocacy skills.The YAF Director is responsible for addressing issues and discuss topics relevant to young architecture and design professionals in Missouri, working with AIA Missouri, the local chapters, AIAS, and Emerging Professionals to share relevant events.

YAF's mission is to:

  • Encourage professional growth and leadership development among recently licensed architects through interaction and collaboration with AIA and allied groups
  • Build a national network, and serve as a collective voice for young architects by ensuring that issues relevant to young architects are properly addressed by AIA
  • Make AIA membership a valuable tool for young architects and encourage them to pursue leadership roles within the architecture and design community

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