Risk management

You cannot manage what you do not grasp, knowledge will help you stay ahead of risk

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to the practice of architecture. These risks can stem from a wide variety of sources, including financial uncertainty, employment practices, legal liabilities, ethical duties, and strategic management errors.

The proactive and effective management of risk is an integral factor contributing to firm’s viability and profitability. Explore the following resources related to risk and liability management to help lay a foundation of security for your practice.

Firm management

Simpler and less risky

In 2014, the AIA released updated versions of its design/build family of AIA Contract Documents.

Firm management

Construction contracts and risk mitigation

Commercial construction project is a multifaceted venture. The parties need slow down and create a well-drafted construction contract.

Risk management resources for practices

Discover how to access the risk management resources developed by the AIA Trust, including webinars, guides, databases and more.

Best Practices

Site safety: Managing risks and liability

Chapter 10.09 Construction phase services

Learn about situations on the job site that can create risk and liability for an architect, and how to manage them.

Best Practices

Risky business: Managing the top five hazards

Chapter 12.01 Origins and development of quality management

Learn about the top five risks an architecture practice can face, and how to mitigate them.

Best Practices

Every step you take: A risk management checklist

Chapter 16.01 Risk Management Strategies

Financial and retirement planning tools to help plan your future

As a risk management resource, the AIA Trust offers members resources to plan for retirement and make sound financial decisions.

How To

The AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurance Database

The AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurance Database is a searchable directory designed to give AIA members critical information to make decisions.

Understanding professional liability insurance

This comparison among six insurance policies provides guidance about coverage and pricing differences when purchasing professional liability insurance.

How does healthcare reform affect you and your firm?

Get answers to your questions about the impact of the Affordable Care Act on architecture firms and employees, from resources developed by The AIA Trust

White Paper

Selling, merging, or closing your practice? Here’s what you need to know

This paper outlines critical factors and appropriate steps to take when determining the best course of action for transitioning firm ownership.

White Paper

Guilty until proven innocent: Claims defense documentation

This paper outlines ground rules to establish document protocols to protect the architect - or to help you defend against potential claims and prove your innocence

Professional liability insurance decision-making tips

Professional Liability Insurance resources and tips

White Paper

Bulletproof contract administration: Managing risk during construction

Learn how to improve your construction contract administration and minimize risk exposure.

Firm management

Special exemptions: Executives, outside salespersons, and IT staff

Exemptions to the FLSA overtime pay for professional positions and administrative staff, executive leadership, outside salespersons, and computer employees.

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