AIA Strategic Plan

The future we envision

It is 2030, and we have met the seemingly insurmountable climate crisis with courageous, creative, and decisive action. People everywhere are united under a common pledge to create an equitable, resilient, regenerative, and carbon-free future.

At the heart of this movement, AIA has energized a global community of professionals to leverage their knowledge and activism to enact positive change through design.

AIA is widely recognized for its commitment to excellence in the education and leadership development of design professionals. Architects have become leaders in our communities, bringing innovative yet practical solutions to the challenges we face. We foster diversity and inclusion in the profession.

AIA has become a catalyst for change, for bold action that develops and delivers solutions to society’s most pressing needs. Architects are positioned at the center of policy discussions surrounding the built environment. AIA has convened broad coalitions to collaborate on solutions. We have generated, curated, and disseminated knowledge that magnifies the transformative impact of design. We have mobilized our members to meet challenges with decisive action.

AIA and allied organizational partners generate unity and accelerate progress in the design and construction industry.

AIA is at the center of the world’s most urgent conversations and is acknowledged as the driving force inspiring and empowering architects to improve society and change the world.


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