Architecture’s future depends on its next generation of leaders—and the educators who impact their lives. The Topaz Medallion honors those who educate others to ensure architecture’s enduring excellence.

This award, jointly presented by AIA and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA), recognizes outstanding individual contributions in architectural education. It is presented to an individual who has had a significant impact on architectural education and the discipline and practice of architecture. It is the highest award the organizations make to an educator and reflects their joint commitment to recognize service to the profession, academy, and society.

The candidate's impact should be evident from peer-recognized, broadly influential achievements, including but not limited to architectural projects, research and publication, and teaching.


  • The candidate must be living at the time of nomination.
  • The candidate must have spent at least a decade primarily involved in architectural education.
  • The candidate’s primary contributions to architectural education must be on the North American continent.
  • The candidate’s impact should be evident throughout the person’s career to date and projected to continue in the future

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