AIA College of Fellows Latrobe Prize

The Latrobe Prize is a biennial $100,000 award from the AIA College of Fellows to support a two-year program of research. The grant, named for architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe, is awarded for research leading to significant advances in the architecture profession.


"Addressing a Multi-Billion Dollar Challenge"

Principal investigators: Bruce Levin, J.D. Associate Clinical Professor, School of Education, Drexel University and Sean O’Donnell, FAIA, Perkins Eastman

The research will endeavor to advance the knowledge of how well-designed educational facilities positively impact students. Over the next two years, the findings from this research will be applied to a set of design guidelines to be shared with architects and school districts.


"Future-Use Architecture- Design for Persistent Change"

Principal investigators: Peter Wiederspahn,  AIA, Michelle Laboy PE, and David Fannon, AIA

The selected Latrobe Prize proposal seeks to answer questions related to how to best design buildings and cities for unknown future uses and how to help initiate more informed development practices and regulatory frameworks for adaptive reuse and regeneration.


"Drylands Resilience Initiative"

Principal investigators: Peter Arnold and Hadley Arnold

Research focused on developing and testing Hazel, a powerful new digital design tool, and bringing transformative public design strategies to dry cities in the US West and around the world.


"Urban Sphere: The City of 7 Billion"

Principal investigators: Bimal Mendis and Joyce Hsiang

The research studies the impact of population growth and resource consumption on the built and natural environment at the scale of the entire world as a single urban entity.


"Public Interest Practices in Architecture"

Principal investigators: Bryan Bell, Roberta Feldman, Sergio Palleroni, and David Perkes, AlA

Research centered on needs that can be addressed by public interest practices and the variety of ways that public interest practices are operating.


“Growing Energy/Water: Using the Grid to Get Off the Grid"

Principal investigators: Martin Felsen, AlA, and Sarah Dunn


"On the Water, A Model for the Future: a study of New York and Jersey Upper Bay"

Principle investigator: Guy Nordenson with  Stanley T. Allen, AlA, Catherine Seavitt, AlA, James Smith, Michael Tantala, and Adam Yarinsky, FAIA


“Developing an Evidence-Based Design Model that Measures Human Response: A Pilot Study of a Collaborative, Trans-Disciplinary Model in a Healthcare Setting”

Principal investigators: Chong Partners Associates, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc., and University of California-Berkeley


“Fundamental Neuroscience Research and Development for Architecture”

Principal investigators: John Eberhard, FAIA, of the Academy of Neurosciences for Architecture in collaboration with the New School of Architecture

Development of new course curriculum, creation of a CD, and publication of the white paper titled A White Paper


“Refabricating Architecture“

Principal investigators: Steve Kiernan and James Timberlake in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania

Research into new material development and application, concluding with the publication of Refabricating Architecture.

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