Architectural research

Helping members gain greater access to useful information and empowering architects to use and engage in research

AIAs architectural research goals

  • increase research literacy of the profession by translating research for an architectural audience through the Building Research Information Knowledgebase (BRIK), aggregating and communicating research-related education, and encouraging research method instruction and research-based content in architectural schools
  • enable and support research in the profession by ensuring research focused on relevant current topics through AIA fellowships and grants, convening an annual Research Summit  to develop a research agenda, and creating research networks and tools to connect practitioners with academia
  • gather, translate, disseminate and celebrate research findings through awards programs and events, Knowledge Communities, articles, social media, and component activities

We continue to produce new research that you can use to inform your practice in areas including:

BRIK: Curated, professionally-reviewed research

Designing for today’s built environment requires architects to develop empirically tested, data-driven designs and to share this knowledge and expertise openly.

The Building Research Information Knowledgebase (BRIK) is an online information portal where you will find curated, professionally-reviewed research on all facets of the built environment, from building performance and materials to large-scale infrastructure and systems. BRIK is a collaborative effort of AIA and the National Institute of Building Sciences.

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