Materials Pledge

From improving indoor air quality to reducing construction waste, the materials architects and designers specify matter. Our choices represent an enormous opportunity to improve the health of the planet and the people who live on it.

The Architecture & Design Materials Pledge was developed to inspire a shift in how we evaluate the products and finishes that we specify on a daily basis. Participants commit to five overarching statements that will lead to more intentional product specification across their portfolios over time.

How do materials affect our lives?

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Participating firms pledge to:

  • support human health by preferring products that support and foster life throughout their life cycles and seek to eliminate the use of hazardous substances.
  • support social health & equity by preferring products from manufacturers that secure human rights in their own operations and in their supply chains, positively impacting their workers and the communities where they operate
  • support ecosystem health by preferring products that support and regenerate the natural air, water, and biological cycles of life through thoughtful supply chain management and restorative company practices
  • support climate health by preferring products that reduce carbon emissions and ultimately sequester more carbon than emitted.
  • support a circular economy by reusing and improving buildings and by designing for resiliency, adaptability, disassembly, and reuse, aspiring to a zero-waste goal for global construction activities.

There’s no right or wrong way to implement the pledge in your practice, provided you’re constantly working toward our long-term vision. By becoming an early adopter, you’ll have the opportunity to help us establish reliable, consistent metrics for propelling our industry forward.

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