Renovate, Retrofit, Reuse

Uncovering the hidden value in America's existing building stock


Retrofitting, renovating, adapting, and remodeling existing buildings now accounts for almost half of all U.S. architecture billings. Is your firm prepared to take advantage of this shifting trend to generate positive economic, health, and environmental benefits?

By making use of the existing building stock, architects can help to strengthen local economies through job creation; generate cultural resilience through promoting cultural heritage and social cohesion; and curtail greenhouse gas emissions through energy-efficient retrofits. With more than 90 percent of 2025’s building stock already standing, improving these buildings becomes a great opportunity for architects to make an impact.

Renovate, Retrofit, Reuse serves as a guide to unlocking all of the benefits in existing building stock, including:

  • economic data of current building stock and the opportunities they present
  • 6 guiding principles that can be applied to any project
  • compelling case studies that illustrate these guiding principles in action

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