Off the Grid Guesthouse-04

Off-Grid Guesthouse, a 2019 Housing Award Recipient. Designed by Anacapa Architecture and Willson Design.

It’s a life necessity, a sanctuary for the human spirit, and many people’s first and most personal encounter with architecture: the house. By recognizing the best in home design, AIA Housing Awards show the world how beauty, safety, sustainability, and comfort can come together.


  • Architects licensed in the US or any owner of a structure or project.
  • On team projects, the architect submitting the entry doesn’t have to be the head of the team.
  • All team, group, or firm projects must credit all who substantially contributed in any capacity (for example, landscape architects and construction firms).


  • New construction, renovations, and restorations are eligible.
  • Projects must have been completed after January 1, 2015.

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Off the Grid Guesthouse-04

Eric Feinblatt