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Attendees at the Pre-Conference session at the 2019 Women's Leadership Summit

Women in architecture are a dynamic and influential segment in the profession, but when looking at leadership roles we also ask-Where are they? AIA champions a diverse profession and part of this effort is directed at women through leadership development, career resources, and a strong peer network. With this support, increasing prominence, and a greater sense of belonging, women are transforming the profession now and will continue to do so for future generations.

Career and the profession

A year of challenge, and opportunity, driving change for women architects

Five leaders from Women in Architecture Silicon Valley— hosting next year’s Women’s Leadership Summit—share their perspectives on industry challenges women face.


Women's Leadership Summit

The first AIA Women's Leadership Summit, organized by the Boston Society of Architects' Women's Principals Group with the support of AIA National, was held in Chicago in 2009.

Next to Lead

Apply for Next to Lead, a new pilot program that creates leadership opportunities within AIA for ethnically diverse women. Applications are due April 30, 2021.

How To

Women's Leadership Summit Virtual Series

This virtual series for women in architecture is designed to help you advance in your career. Check out the webinars for 2020.

Career and the profession

Turning a setback into a comeback

Power Moves is a new professional development series designed to help women architects network and get tips for overcoming challenges.

Career and the profession

Negotiate with confidence—even in a downturn

In the third and final webinar session of the Women's Leadership Summit Virtual Series, Elizabeth Suárez shared negotiation strategies.

Career and the profession

Women's Leadership Edge

In partnership with the University of California-Hastings' Center for WorkLife Law, AIA now provides members with access to Women's Leadership Edge.

How To

Guides for Equitable Practice

The Guides for Equitable Practice are a vital part of AIA’s long-term commitment to lead efforts that ensure the profession of architecture is as diverse as the nation we serve.

Harassment prevention resources

Resources for members to identify and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace.

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