The COTE® Top Ten Toolkit

Closing the information gap to designing high performing, equitable, beautiful buildings

Very high performance is often seen as something only available to a few ambitious buildings with the right client, program, or budget. These high performers are important as examples of what is possible, but they will not solve our environmental challenges by themselves. Although the AIA COTE® Top Ten Awards program recognizes only the top performing projects, the COTE® Top Ten Measures and this Toolkit can be used as a framework to guide the design of all projects.  

While the measures themselves take the form of questions, patterns for addressing them begin to emerge from winning projects. The Toolkit identifies some of these patterns, and a talented team of subject matter experts curated the most relevant current resources to support them. View the contributors >

The intent is to keep this resource current and to add to it over time. Ultimately, this feedback loop informs refinements to the fundamental measures themselves. Your feedback is incredibly helpful for continuously improving the resource. Contact us at

The Super Spreadsheet

The COTE® Super Spreadsheet is a tool for calculating and understanding the metrics that make up the COTE Top Ten Framework. Whether it’s used to analyses a project, learn about performance metrics, or assist in submitting a project for the COTE® Top Ten Award, this tool serves the technical side of the framework, ensuring accuracy and consistency, and allowing projects to be evaluated across all COTE® measures of sustainable design.

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