Houston after Harvey: What can architects do?

The executive director of AIA Houston provides an update post-Hurricane Harvey and warns other communities at risk to prepare for the worst.

Career and the profession

What do emerging professionals need from firms?

As EPs move down the path toward licensure, assistance in areas like ARE study materials and face time with firm leaders can make all the difference.

Career and the profession

Introducing architecture into the K-12 curriculum

Find out how AIA is working to bring architecture to students of all demographics and income groups, including new research into K-12 education programs across the country.

I Look Up Film Challenge

Cast your vote for your favorite film to win the People's Choice Award. Voting ends October 6.


Hurricane Updates from AIA's Disaster Assistance Program

Hurricane Harvey: Updates from AIA's Disaster Assistance

How To

The Safety Assessment Program (SAP)

Safety Assessment Program (SAP) training provides built environment professionals with the knowledge to evaluate buildings after a disastrous event.

Where architects stand: A statement of our values

The AIA works to advance our nation’s quality of life and protect the public’s health, safety and welfare, as it has done for 160 years.

Where we stand: Buildings are infrastructure

Whether we live in big cities or small towns, Americans have the right to quality schools, hospitals and libraries—all the infrastructure that shelter, protect and uplift our communities.

Press Release

Architects Foundation names New Executive Director

Marci B. Reed will lead organization’s expanded scholarship program and preservation efforts

Sep 12, 2017

Architects Foundation Names New Executive Director

Disaster response

Good Samaritan laws: Critical to disaster recovery

Without Good Samaritan laws in place, a licensed architect may be exposed to questions of liability even though he or she is acting in good faith to preserve the safety of a community.

Are architects afraid of innovation?

Through research and feedback from peers, AIA's Strategic Council chooses to challenge previous assumptions that architects "dismiss new ideas."

Career and the profession

Shape your career by sharpening your skills

Emerging professionals should be mindful of the steps they take in their careers, and the non-design skills they choose to improve upon.

AIA Public Awareness Campaign 2017: Blueprint for Better

Learn more about how we’re getting the word out about the powerful social impact of architects and how you can become involved

Justice Facilities Review 2017

The 10 recipients of the 2017 Justice Facilities Review depict the latest trends in the design and construction of these facilities in the United States.

Firm management

The impact of foreign direct investment on architecture

Before working on projects for foreign clients, leaders at US-based architecture firms should first understand how foreign investors operate.

How AIA is helping to build a more diverse profession

AIA’s values call for equity and to stand for both human and civil rights, and the Institute is turning those values into actionable initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion.

A global voice for architects: How the UIA helps AIA members

The International Union of Architects represents over one million architects worldwide; what specific benefits does it offer AIA members?

Art, history, and religion

An architect's adventure: Exploring the beauty of Barcelona

An Orlando-based architect raves about his architecture-centric tour through Barcelona with AIA’s Architectural Adventures travel program.

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