Career and the profession

Evelyn Lee, FAIA, is elected 2025 AIA President

AIA members selected 2025 President, Treasurer, and an At-large Director in San Francisco

Career and the profession

LGBTQ+ professional events offer more than networking

A'23 event offers opportunities for LGBTQ+ architects to express themselves in ways that have not always felt accepted professionally.   

Building science and technology

A’23 Day 2 Keynote: GSA announces investment in Green Proving Ground; industry experts tout sustainability and client benefits of design-build integration

Integration is the future. How can architects do it effectively?

2023 Twenty-five Year Award

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Upending preconceived notions of what art museums can be, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao’s revolutionary form was the iconic catalist to redefine and revitalize Spain’s Basque region while supporting a wide range of cultural initiatives. Conceived at the pivotal moment between analog and digital practice, the museum has been an integral part of urban life in Bilbao since opening in 1997

Future Focused

Women play a critically important role in architecture. This video campaign is about celebrating them and their contributions and impact to the profession and their communities.

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