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Architects come together to renovate Houston treatment center

To help with recovery from 2017's catastrophic Hurricane Harvey, design and AEC professionals gathered to refurbish a Houston hostel for women and children.

2018 AIA Film Challenge winners

The 2018 AIA Film Challenge invited architects and filmmakers to tell stories of architects, civic leaders, and their communities working together to create a Blueprint for Better.


Updates from AIA's Disaster Assistance Program:

AIA and its architect volunteers assist communities following disasters. Updates regarding AIA’s activities in disaster areas, member efforts, recovery resources and volunteer opportunities are provided below.

How To

The Safety Assessment Program

The Safety Assessment Program training provides built environment professionals with the knowledge to evaluate buildings after a disastrous event.

Design specialty

Influx in healthcare and senior living means big opportunities for architects

The need for senior living and healthcare facilities is greater than ever with an aging population and changing needs in health services.

Career and the profession

Meeting the #MeToo moment

Architects may have found themselves at a critical juncture to take a leadership position on harassment and inequity, and therefore change the culture of the profession forever.

2018 Innovation Awards

The Innovation Awards honor new practices and technologies that will further enable project delivery and enhance data-centric methodologies in the management of buildings for their entire lifecycle.


Which materials can help reduce carbon emissions?

How findings from Drawdown, a New York Times bestseller, are aiding architects in fighting climate change through better materials and methods.

Where we stand: Sexual harassment & the architectural profession

As the voice of the architectural profession, AIA commits its resources to eliminating sexual harassment and assault.

The top 7 sources of uncertainty in building design

What keeps owners and project teams up at night? Discover their greatest fears, along with best practices for managing risks, in this new project planning guide.


Multidisciplinary firms

Are multidisciplinary architecture firms the future of the profession?


The value of regional collaboration: Lessons from Seattle's 2030 Roundtable

Find out how working across competitive boundaries has yielded benefits for Seattle firms active in energy efficiency and climate change mitigation.

Art, history, and religion

Is Rockefeller Center the true center of New York?

New York has several centers, but the one named for the Rockefellers might be the most enduring.

2018 AIA/AAH Healthcare Design Awards

The AIA/AAH Healthcare Design Awards showcase the best healthcare building design and healthcare design-oriented research.

ABI August 2018: End of summer sees healthy billings rebound

Firm billings saw a healthy jump in August, a positive sign for economic conditions as firms enter what is traditionally a seasonal slowdown.


Reach peak performance by embracing your inner engineer

To design for optimal energy efficiency, architects must embrace early collaboration with engineers and energy modelers.

AIA Small Firm Compensation Report

The first-ever AIA Small Firm Compensation Report is dedicated to the unique needs and structure of small architecture firms.


How to talk to clients about materials transparency

Including materials health and environmental priorities in early conversations can be a critical step to ensuring a project is not only designed well but creates long-term benefits for occupants.

Selecting the right owner-architect agreement for a commercial project

Choosing the right owner-architect agreement is a critical step in the process. Find out more about four AIA Contract Documents commonly used in commercial projects.


Firm Survey Report

AIA's Firm Survey Report provides metrics and insights covering business practices, firm performance, and trends.

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