Career and the profession

AIA responds to racial injustice, economic uncertainty at 163rd annual meeting

COVID-19 project database form


Complete the online form detailing a COVID-19 project—or a collaborative initiative addressing the pandemic—either being planned, in progress, or completed. Include the project's location, type of construction and available images.

Career and the profession

McAfees exemplify two generations of architectural excellence

Two daughters follow in their father's footsteps to secure the family's groundbreaking legacy.

Social impact

Intercultural Competence

As architecture becomes more diverse, bias and intercultural competence—the ability to function effectively across cultures—have more impact.

Future forward

Harnessing the passion of our members and the broader design community, the AIA is taking steps to do more to advance racial justice and equality in our organization, in our profession, and in our communities.

Career and the profession

Daniel S. Hart elected 2021 First Vice President/2022 President-elect

Three new leaders were elected for AIA's national offices.

Firm management

Practice considerations: Manage your architecture firm’s risk during COVID-19

This article is intended to be a resource for Architects and Architecture firms in developing a firm-specific response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Policy Platform 2020

American architecture stands as a testament to our unique place in the world. Our architects work at the leading edge of a $1T construction industry that promotes commerce and drives consumer confidence. Architects have always dared to reach higher and set new standards. Our next architectural achievements will be measured by how well they respond to a post-pandemic world, eradicate inequity, fuel economic recovery, eliminate carbon emissions, and nurture individual and community health.

COVID-19 resources for architects

As we navigate this unprecedented crisis in our global community, AIA is committed to equipping our members with the information they need to help navigate these uncertain times. This page is intended provide guidelines, policies, and tools for our members and will be updated frequently as new resources are made available.

Commemorating 50 years

Honoring 50 years of Whitney M. Young Jr's 1968 AIA Convention speech

How To

Alternative Care Sites preparedness

This checklist helps identify appropriate Alternative Care Sites for patients during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Firm management

Three firm leaders describe how to survive an economic downturn

What can architects do to prepare for financially turbulent times?

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